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Window Film Based in Clearwater, Florida

SunProof Corporation of Florida, in Clearwater, Florida, protects your home with window tint and film.

Residential & Commercial Building Tinting

We use premium films by Vista Window Film and LLumar Magnum. The windows in your condo, home, and business building are tinted to your needs. Tinting your windows keeps indoor temperature comfortable, protects glass from shattering, and reduces fading of furniture.

Building Tint & Film Protects From:

• Heat
• Glare
• Fading
• Reduce Heating/Cooling Costs
• UVA/UVB Protection

Safety & Security Film

Protect your commercial and residential buildings from the dangers of flying glass. It's easy, with Vista/LLumar Magnum safety and security film. This film also prevents breaking and entering. If someone throws a brick at the window after the film has been applied, it simply bounces off. This will prevent intruders from entering your home or business. You are sure to enjoy the benefits they give your home or business.
Office Building - Window Film Based in Clearwater, FL

Solar Shades

These shades are made out of a special fabric or film that helps reduce heat in your commercial and residential building. They are made out of high-quality materials which protects against solar heat rays, is environment friendly, and protects from fading. Solar Shades are available in multiple colors and multiple designs to meet your style and needs.

The shade allows you to roll it up and down at your discretion, and you are able to see through them while providing privacy. Protect your residence or commercial property from the damages of the sun with our window tinting. Right away you are sure to notice a difference in temperature.
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